The roof of your home is one of the most used parts of your home. You might be confused upon reading and knowing this but this is a hundred percent true because your roof is exposed to the different minor and major weather conditions such as too much heat, strong winds, pouring rain or extreme snow. You might not feel the use and function of your home but it definitely plays a great role in the level of comfort that it brings to your inside your home. If not because of your roof at home, you will not be able to feel great inside your home since you will be exposed to harsh weather conditions such as extreme heat and cold. Thus, if you are not appreciating the use and function of your roof just yet, this is the time to appreciate what it does for you.  


Moreover, another part of the roof you have that is also very important is the gutters of your home. gutters San Antonio who is professionals definitely attests to the core function of gutters for your home. The gutters of your roof is where the water flows after dropping in your roof which means that it is very important because if there will be no place that could catch and guide the water to the right way, you will be experiencing permanent damages caused by rainwater from your roof. You could destroy your home’s foundation because of water damage in your home which is not very good because it could affect the condition of the entire home.  

In this sense, it is very important that you maintain your gutters properly. Maintaining it is not that hard to do, so you do not really have any excuses not to do it because this can easily be done by everyone even those who are not professionals. In this article, we are going to give you the easy tips that you could do to maintain your gutter at home.  

  1. Avoid Ice: During winter season, you should make sure that there will be no ice build-up in the gutters of your home. Ice could block the flow of water in the gutters, thus, you should not let this happen because when the ice and snow breaks down to water, the water should pass by a cleared gutter so that it could travel to where it is supposed to be and your home’s roof would not suffer from any leaks.  
  2. Never Put a Tree Near it: If you have a fascination with trees, you should plant it in areas of your property that is not near your gutter or your roof because debris from the tree such as leaves could block your gutter. Moreover, if a branch of your tree is weak and would fall, it could land on your roof and gutters which could permanently damage it to the point where you would have to replace it.  
  3. Don’t be Lazy to Clean: Always make sure that your gutters are clean before anything. This is the best thing that you could do for your gutters. If you see any debris, remover everything so that you could avoid water damage or pest infestation.  

The gutters of your home should also be given importance by the home owners by following these easy tips.